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Welcome to The Curvy Closet, home of beautiful plus sized women's clothing.

Founded by Louise Stobbart because of her love of fashion and years of difficulty in finding great fitting clothes for her curvier shape. Even in Louise's days of being a 12-14 she found it difficult to buy clothes from the usual high street retailers.


Being pear shaped, when trying to find trousers only the larger size would fit her hips, only for the waist to be far too big. It was a similar problem with dresses, a size larger which meant the fit wasn’t great because she wasn’t big on top.   


Louise always thought it was a bit unfair that her brother was tall, had long legs and tanned easily, whereas she was the freckled red head with short legs (footballer legs her brother used to say!) and with those wide hips that were there for life.


Like most women, Louise lived with it but she always struggled with trying to find clothes that fit properly. She always wanted the latest trends and fashions but it wasn’t always possible to find something on trend, that fit well. Let's face it, very few of us are an exact size and we are all different shapes and heights. 


When Louise became ill in 2016 she thought her career was over which it was, she had to leave her job and couldn’t work for the next three years, which shattered her as she had worked since the age of 16. As she became stronger and her confidence started to come back she decided to work again, helping her husband run his business.  


As she had so much time on her hands, by her own admission she did overdo screen time searching for clothes that were a bit different, stylish, colourful and would suit her non conforming shape. She found them! After joining a few community groups, talking to like minded women with the same struggles, Louise decided she could do something to help other women dealing with the same struggles.


So Louise's online store became a reality with lots of encouragement from her husband (who is her biggest fan) and The Curvy Closet was born. Catering specifically for different curves, height, whether tall or small, pear shape, apple shape and to be honest any shape. We cater for all sizes and ages, our eldest customer is 82!!! 

The clothes we sell are one size and this can be from a 12-18, 14-20, 14-24, 18-26 etc. You will always be able to find something a bit different but with the confidence that it will fit and look great. We like to try and bring a range of bold colours and earthy colours so the choice is there depending how you feel whether it’s for work, casual or a special occasion. 


Shopping at the Curvy Closet is an easy, comfortable experience and we are always on hand to answer any of your questions. You can also find us on Facebook where we post our new arrivals, so please take a look and join our rapidly growing community. 





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